About ‘Give him a chance’ association

In the Summer of 2012 Claudia Puddu, an 18-year-old young student from Cagliari (Sardinia), decided to spend a month in the slums of Nairobi to volunteer in an orphanage, the Good Samaritan. This rather intense experience has brought her to believe that her commitment towards those children she had bonded with so much was destined to hold over. Once back, she decided to work on raising funds to earmark for the orphanage in order to improve their life conditions. With the full support of Anna Guttuso and Piero Piasotti, the no-profit association called ‘Give him a chance’ has come to life, swiftly involving lots of friends and becoming an onlus straight afterwards.

The first months of activity have been pretty intense:

  • (3) events have been organised for fund-raising, whose outcome has been published online;
  • we have created this website and the official facebook page of this association;
  • the proceeds of the events have been sent to the orphanage in order to improve the structure of the orphanage - mainly regarding safety - and the pictures of the works made have been published online;
  • we have initiated a distance support service in which half of the children in the orphanage are involved. 

In july 2013, four associates went to Nairobi, at different times and at their own expenses, to give a hand to the orphanage and agreed on the next interventions.